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Maxillofacial trauma

Hand injury

Degloving injuries

Maxillofacial trauma

Bones of face get injured when there is trauma to face, jaw or nose. Miniplates and screws are used to fix broken bones and prevent disfigurement of face.

Nose injury

Skin, bones and cartilage in nose after injury get deformed and are very disfiguring. Use of plastic surgery principles is done to get best outcome after surgery. 

Lip injury

Lips are commonly deformed following injuries of face and when such deformities are not corrected timely cause disfigurement of face.

Eyelid Injuries 

Eyelids are thin and delicate structures, traumatic and defects are corrected with utmost diligence.

Degloving injuries 

Any part of body can get affected by degloving injury, blood supply of the affected part is lost which causes blackening of affected skin.

Flap surgeries

Loss of skin and tissue can cause large wounds which are covered by skin along with deep tissue known as flap.

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